Cha Am Food Guide: Where to Eat in Cha Am, Thailand

Cha Am Food Guide: Where to Eat in Cha Am, Thailand

Are you ready for great dining including fresh fish at, Cha Am seafood restaurant, Thailand? Well, it involves eating traditional dishes at popular cafes, shopping like a chef at the local markets and a thorough sampling of an assortment of delicious street food. Think of this as a quick note highlighting some of the top spots to dine at or visit during your trip to Cha Am.

In this Cha Am food guide, you’ll find something to please even picky eaters and cuisine that isn’t just limited to Thai rice. There are mouth-watering delectables waiting to be devoured on every corner or within a reasonable distance. And when night falls, the libations start flowing, relax and get loose at favored clubs and bars.

Keep reading below to learn more about restaurants and dining in Cha Am Thailand.

Cha Am Food Guide: Where to Eat in Cha Am, Thailand


Through a dazzling kaleidoscope of flavors, you’ll find restaurants include Italian food, European, Indian and of course local Thai dishes. There’s a spot tourist regard as the ideal dining place. It’s rated five stars, with five favorite restaurants in one site, Luna Lanai.

The dining options include inside or outside with Oceanside views. The restaurants at the Sheraton begin with the traditional Thai at Luna Lanai and include poolside dining at the Italian Salas Pool Restaurant, International food at The Deck, Asian delicacies are served at the InAzia, the quaint Sundara Sports Lounge and besides the HD TVs, every night is happy with desserts, tapas, steaks and drinks and the dress code for all is casual. 



Does anyone dare not have a cup of coffee while visiting Cha Am, Thailand? Absolutely not. Especially since the area offers Espresso and specialty coffees and terrific ambiance. Try not to pick just one from the top cafes, such as Love Bread Cha Am, Three Faces Pizza and Koffebar, and Sailom’s Bakery, and I Love Sweet Food & Bakery.


Local Markets and Cha Am Street Food

Most markets sell fresh meat and seafood and serve street food. In Cha Am, there’s no shortage of interesting options. Wednesdays are established as a time when tourists and local residents come together. Market Night is a feast of street food, with stalls lined up and down the marketplace. Many people travel from nearby Bangkok for what’s called, ‘Falang Husband Minding Centre.’ It’s a social scene for husbands to hang out together while their wives shop in the market. Wednesday nights aren’t the only open-air markets, favorites include the Hua Hin Night Gran Market, the Chatsila Night Market and on Saturdays, the Pranburi Old Market, located behind the railway station.


Eating in Cha Am, Thailand combines a lineup of multiple textures, colors, flavors and aromas, some local and others international. Together with the nightlife in the city, it’s many levels of taste and traditional cuisine, available in one region. Bring an empty stomach and a fresh attitude. Situated two hours away from Bangkok, restaurants in Cha Am Thailand offer an appealing blend of Mediterranean, Italian, French, Japanese, as well as customary Thai rice dishes.

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