Cha Am with Kids : 6 Things To Do In Cha Am With Kids

Cha Am with Kids : 6 Things To Do In Cha Am With Kids

Yearly or semi annual vacations are most anticipated by the entire family. Often times, the trips are planned mostly from adult perspective and preferences. Children will soon get bored if there are not enough activities to keep them entertained and busy. They enjoy doing things that are engaging, interesting, and fun. Some of the things that adults enjoy are not necessarily appealing to kids. Finding a vacation destination that is both kid and adult friendly is ideal for days of exploration, education for the kids, and adventurous for everyone. A trip to Cha Am is the perfect place to visit.


When staying at Cha Am’s family-friendly accommodation, you can feel at home away from home. Many hotels and resorts which offer villa style accommodation in Cha Am provide all of the amenities that you would expect from a first class hotel. They are incredibly comfortable, and friendly. The view is breathtaking, and worth getting pictures for memories. The kids are anxious to get started with their vacation adventures.


1. Santorini Park

One of the first things to do with the kids is to visit the Santorini Park which is suitable for the whole family. Theme park, shopping area, and restaurants are located in one location. The amusement park section offers   games, rides, and other entertainment for children.


2. City & Beach Tour 

There are so many things to do in Cha Am that will please both  children and adults. Going on a city day tour could have the children in awe as they see all of the amazing landmarks. You could plan a different tour every day, and never get to take in all that Cha Am has to offer. For starters, spending the day at Cha Am beach is one of the most relaxing for adults, and full of jubilant activity for the kids. They can swim, snorkel, and take advantage of the many water sports that are especially for children.


3. Jurassic Fishing Park

Taking the kids on a fishing excursion would be a different experience for them. They would enjoy fishing at the Jurassic Fishing Park. This is a special adventure especially if they have never gone fishing before. It will give them something to tell their friends about.


4. Bamboo Thai Cooking Class

Another treat that they may enjoy is Bamboo Thai Cooking Class with Anya. This place will assure the kids with a different cooking experience, especially those with a passion to want to help their moms cook. They will be inspired by the cooking classes that give them the opportunity to show  their skills.


5. 1000 Sook Food and Farm

Kids will love the 1000 Sook Food and Farm. Here, they will be able to feed the farm animals while taking pictures with their favorite ones. Shopping and restaurants are near the farm as well .


6. Swiss Sheep Farm

Families with children can also choose to go to the Swiss Sheep Farm where they can spend two hours taking a walk around and feeding the sheep. Most kids do not get to see sheep up close, so this would be an interesting event for them.


The children will have as much fun in Cha Am as the adults, and will not get bored from lack of fun activities to grasp their attention and keep them amused. Let’s spend quality time with each other. The good atmosphere in Cha Am is  perfect for everyone. Have a nice trip!